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A place to post recent event and projects.

Animation Progress Reel

I am now entering term four at VANAS. I am having a great time and learning form many talented and knowledgeable industry experts. Here is my progress reel thus far. From Term 1, 2 and 3. Additionally I did the Luna dreamy walk set to the music Singin in the Rain.
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My Newest Lightroom Project

This is my newest Lightroom edit. I took an image that I had taken a few years ago with a wide lens which gave a round and distorted look. So I played around with it in Lightroom to get this effect. Quote: Nice work Ally! ♥ Original
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Vintage Celebrity Restoration Project

Elizabeth Taylor I finally completed my vintage celebrity restoration project. It was a lot of fun and I chose some of my favorite beauties to show case my abilities. I claim no copyrights because the original images were most likely owned by other people. But I do ask that they not be taken and used…
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