Monthly Archives: January 2017

An Odyssey Through Boredom

An Odyssey in Space Through Boredom What can I say. I was incredibly bored and not feeling all so inspired. So I plunked down determined to make something and this is what came of it from the emptiness of my mind. I guess my brain knows more about what I want than my conscious self.
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Civil War Era Restoration in Colour

Civil War Era Restoration in Colour As promised here is the colourized version of the Civil War era restoration I did in the 1st week of the new year. Each item in the image was separately masked and colours of that era were used to create a realistic feel. If you have an image you…
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1st project of 2017

Happy New Year! I thought it would be nice to start off the new year with a difficult project. I aquired this image from the Library of Congress website where they have many public domain images. I believe this image was taken by Mathew Brady as his name is watermarked on the chair, who was a…
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