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Epic Crazy Love

Epic Crazy Love by Ally Robertson

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Can two reunited soul mates conquer deceit, begrudged malice, extortion, multiple mental and physical traumas and maintain an intense, lasting, abiding love?

What lengths would you go to protecting those you love? ‘Epic Crazy Love’ Is a harrowing journey following two reunited soul mates, both are empathically connected artists who struggle with mental illness. Cassidy and Caprice will find their strength and courage tested most severely among the wilds of the Cornwall Ranch, in the beautiful British Columbian mountains. Where survival is a struggle. Where evil men do evil deeds.


Close to five in the morning, they awoke to the noise of Pharaoh whinnying loudly. Something was terribly wrong. Cassidy sprang up and headed for his shotgun against the wall near his pack and ran naked out the door.

Caprice followed with him yelling at her, “Stay back!”

With enough light to see what was happening, they saw a grizzly bear drinking water from the lake. Pharaoh was making a racket to sound the alarm that a predator was close by. Sugar Plum took off like a shot in panic until she was out of sight behind the cabin. Cassidy, afraid for his horse, raised his rifle, intending to shoot off a round to scare the bear. When he realized the shot might rain down on his prized horse, he ran over past the other side of the cabin to try to get a safer shot off.

The bear caught the movement and must have considered Cassidy’s abrupt moves as aggressive, for he spun around and charged. Even though the bear was thin and looked as though he’d been half starved, he was still a formidable wild beast and a great danger to anyone. The summer so far had been hot and dry, so the berries had withered as they ripened. The salmon runs were late because the rivers and streams were too warm. So the salmon waited in the cooler depths of the ocean, waiting to feel the change in temperature before continuing their journey.

The realization of the impending danger crossed Cassidy’s face as the bear charged. He raised the rifle, aiming at his attacker—a shot rang out. He’d hit his target, but six inches off. He’d hit him in the upper shoulder, which only slowed the bear long enough to feel anger and fury at the sudden sting. He continued his enraged charge.


“Epic Crazy Love is a love story of a different flavor. With insight into the inner workings of someone living with mental disorders, this story brings exactly as it says: Epic. Crazy. Love. Ally writes beautifully and deeply! I fully recommend this book!”
Amy Jackson, 4/24/2017

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